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need y'all's heeeelp!

Hey there, friends. I have a little assignment for you. All it takes is you clicking your mouse, so you should really take 10 seconds out of MySpacin' it up to do this.

My mom entered this rockin' video in a contest for KTBS and we'd be very pleased if you went to vote for hers because it's the best one, IMHO. The name of her video is Biking to the Highland Community Garden.

Click here to vote for her video, k?

And remember, Biking to the Highland Community Garden!

We thank you muchly for your vote!

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I have voted!

And the commercial at first really blew me away. I thought it was your mother, and was all "HER MOTHER DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THAT DOES SHE?", because I've seen pictures of her. She does not look like that. When did they start putting commercials in front of videos on the internet?! The world will end, for sure.

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