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Birthdate:Oct 23
Location:Louisiana, United States of America
I'm awesome, and that's all you need to know for now.

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Date Created:2005-07-24
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Katee is a student, a writer, a part-time ghost hunter, a history major and fanatic. During the school year she is usually huddled in her bedroom, studying or doing homework. Other than school, her hobbies include reading, writing, spending an uncounted amount of hours on the Internet, listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, and kissing her fiance. She is also a hopeless romantic.
Strengths: Friendly, smiles a lot, loyal, snarky, bouncy, easily amused, honest, loves with all her heart.
Weaknesses: Emotional, easily stressed out, procrastinator extraordinaire, easily distracted, and likely to follow her heart rather than her head.
Special Skills: Can and will pwn anyone in any political conversation, retains random bits of knowledge that come in handy at unlikely times, unusual leg strength.
Weapons: Wit and a very sharp dagger decorated with mermaids.
Motto: "Truth, beauty, freedom, love."

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adventures, angelina jolie, anna nalick, art, augusten burroughs, babies, best friends, blue, books, boyfriends, bright, britney spears, cakes, candy, cherries, chocolate, christina aguilera, chuck palahniuk, colorful, colors, computers, confections, conferences, conventions, cookies, copeland, cuddling, damien rice, death cab for cutie, dixie chicks, dragons, dreaming, edward scissorhands, elizabethtown, elves, elvis presley, everclear, fable ii, fables, faeries, fairies, family, fantastic creatures, fantasy, fiona apple, forests, friendship, garden state, gavin degraw, ghosts, girl interrupted, green eyes, harry potter, hauntings, hearts, honda civics, html, incubus, iron and wine, jane austen, jk rowling, johnny cash, johnny depp, kill bill, kissing, kittens, lakes, late night drives, laughing, lord of the rings, lost, love, love actually, mates of state, michelle branch, moulin rouge, movies, music, norah jones, norway, nurturing, oceans, orange, panic at the disco, pink, poetry, practical magic, pride and prejudice, prozac nation, purple, pushing daisies, quidditch, rain, rainbows, raindrops, reading, requiem for a dream, rilo kiley, rivers, sarcasm, saul williams, sex, silver, smiles, snow, something corporate, sookie stackhouse, star cross'd lovers, stars, staying up late, strawberries, streams, supernatural, susanna kaysen, taking back sunday, tamora pierce, the cure, the internet, the little mermaid, the moon, the postal service, the shins, the used, tinkerbell, tool, tori amos, true blood, true romance, unitarian universalism, vampires, vanessa carlton, video games, walk the line, wally lamb, werewolves, white oleander, wishes, wishing, writing, x-men, yellow
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